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Chicago Painting Progress

Earlier this year, my oldest daughter and I went to Chicago to visit an great friend from high school. It was both of our first trip to this amazing city, and we took in as many sights as we could.

One of these sights was a view of the city skyline contrasted against wonderful green parks and water. It caught my eye and I knew I had to paint this watercolor to commemorate my girls' trip. So, I took some of my other planned pieces and put those ideas on the backburner to bring this one to life.

Its current progress has the water and grass in the foreground pretty much finished, with the buildings still needing work and the middle distance starting to come to life.

I never know exactly how I'll approach a painting after the initial sky washes. Each one speaks to me differently and I bend to its wishes. In my Getty painting, I went from the top down, and in this one I'm going more bottom up. I really wanted to frame the water, then start following it up to the city itself. It's a neat transistion from nature's colors to the man-made elements of the brick, steel, glass and concrete of the city skyline.

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