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New paintings, shopping cart, and Bitcoin!

Rebecca Case Watercolor prints shopping by credit card, debit card, or Bitcoin

Wow! It has certainly been awhile! I've been bogged down in family life and painting has been on the shelf. I have finished my Chicago painting, which will be posted and available for prints soon, and have started on a new project inspired by the Arches National Park in Utah that I am enjoying. There will be some blog posts coming soon on those.

I have made some changes to my site, most notably a new, easier shopping cart with the ability to take credit or debit card payments. The new format allows for a better overall experience, the ability to easily select different sizes of prints, and see related items. It also allows us to take credit cards through a secure third party processor.

I'm also excited to be able to offer my watercolor prints to be purchased with Bitcoin. In addition to being very secure, it also allows for international payments without hassle. We use BitPay to process these orders with an invoice system, and as digital currency grows in popularity, I will grow along with it.

So now it is back to the easel for me to work on the Arches painting. I will be able to be behind the brush more in the coming months, so soon you will see more of my art on the site. Thanks for bearing with me!

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